Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Color ad Illustrations

As promised, here are some color ad illustrations I've done (see previous post for background details).

These two vertical ads were "ads that never were" - the client switched to a smaller square shape like the winter ads below. I thought I'd share them here for variety.

The sledding piece is a draft for a website banner image. A similar version was done with the canoe for summer; the canoe piece here was the front of a mailer card. We re-use a lot of the illustrations for all kinds of applications.

These three winter images are all in draft stage and are for web. The sleddog team is an example of where an illustration was kept super simple for newsprint and left simple because it is going to be small on the web. The larger images linked here are larger than they will be when finished. Again, we do all our web ads large scale because it will inevitably be used later for print somehow.

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