Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Laser cutter

At work I have access to a 12"x24" laser cutter. I have been tasked with coming up with new business cards for the company that could possibly utilize the laser - which means I finally get to learn to use the darn thing. :) It will plot out of Adobe Illustrator, if only the ancient PC that runs the thing (parallel or SCSI only, grr) doesn't have Illustrator. Which means I have to carefully organize my art in Illustrator for exporting to AutoCAD, which I have absolutely no training in.

Anyway, on my last go-round with the cards I tossed in one of my vector illustrations (as seen here) to get an idea of what I might be able to do with my own art:

I still have a lot to learn. On this sample the outline was etched out but the shapes weren't etched out on the first pass for some reason. Then when I ran it again with the shapes to be etched out, everything was misaligned. *shrugs* You'll have that.