Friday, October 5, 2012

UPDATE: Rosas in Vector

A long time ago (2006?) I made a LOT of desktop wallpapers themed after the characters of the anime Maria Sama ga Miteru. Many of those wallpapers are probably floating around the internet somewhere - I know most of them survive in my Photobucket. At the beginning of my Marimite art career, I was doing most of my work in Photoshop. One trio of wallpapers I created always stuck in my mind as something I should update by re-creating them in Illustrator. The idea for them was simple and elegant and it was a shame I'd only done them in 3:4 aspect ratio for small screens.

So at one point this summer I had some free time on my hands and so for fun I re-built those wallpapers! Here they are, in one size only (1920 x 1200) done in Adobe Illustrator, September 15, 2012: