Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Xena!

I got into an inking mood as well as a Xena mood. I took the opportunity of being away from my computer all weekend to draw what you see here. It was quite eventful, as anything pertaining to Xena should be.

I started this piece with an ink illustration in mind but by the time I got done with the sketch I liked it so much I decided to trace a copy of what I'd done into my sketchbook so I could do a pencil piece as well. Being pitch black at 11pm and without a light box didn't stop me; I set up a halogen light outside the house to shine in through a window so I could trace on that. In setting this up, I gave myself a (very) minor concussion which (literally) stopped me in my tracks. I was able to continue and finish two days later. ;)

She's about 11"x14" on 110lb paper, inked with Sharpie permanent markers (I couldn't find my Micron pens).
Below is the pencil sketch I was so desperatley trying to preserve with my head-damaging skills.


Natalie said...

Wow! That's gorgeous!!
Awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god this looks so real! It´s fantastic!!!

Roland Jagados said...

Amazing job!! You're really talented! I love it!
I shared the link on my Spartacus forum, I hope you don't mind! :)

Keep up with the good work!

Kind regards,

Kara Stenberg said...

Thanks, Roland! No, I don't mind people sharing my work - thanks for the link! :)

AkXena said...

Very Nice art work. Can not believe it took just a matter of hours. Completely gifted. Thank you for sharing.
I found your art work by doing just a random search for Xena art. Odd that I would come across someone from Alaska. I am from Anchorage but living in England right now. Anyway... again great art work... =D

Kris said...

Is there ANY way that I could buy a print of either the ink or shaded from you? I am a HUGE Xena fan and I have seen this piece around, but never could find the person who did it.