Monday, November 5, 2012

Katmai Otter

Oil on canvas paper
October 28, 2012
1.5 hrs, from a photo I took

Since I've been back from Katmai I have a lot of painting planned. This was done as a bit of homework to shake out the cobwebs. I struggle with a lot of art anxiety (there's a great book about this by Rollo May called "The Courage to Create" if you are interested) and a big part of my struggle is that I try to be perfect all the time. I can't just sit down and CREATE. I noticed this summer that doing those animal paintings came rather easily and I think that is because I'd told myself that working with substandard materials was going to prevent 'perfection' and so I ended up relaxing and enjoying it a bit more. So I did this painting of momma otter (made famous in a series of GoPro videos filmed by my coworker Jackie McNamara in Brooks Camp) in the same style as those other paintings.

As a bit of an extra, here are the videos Jackie made:

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