Wednesday, January 11, 2012


"Haiku" • oil on illustration board
15"x11" • approx. 11 hours

I'm always keeping my eyes open for striking photographs taken by friends and family that could be a great basis for a painting. Years ago my friend Rachel took this awesome photo of her cat, Haiku (a very awesome and charismatic cat), and I knew when I saw it that I just had to paint it. But I wanted to do it in secret for an occasion, like her birthday or Christmas.

I finally had the time and energy to do the Haiku painting this year. Unfortunately, Haiku passed away about a week before Christmas. That kind of lended extra sentimentality to creating the painting and giving it to my friend.

Below are the progress photos (click to see them larger) - they're more yellow than they should be, ah well. I also took a time-lapse video of myself painting it using Gawker that I will upload soon.

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Seasoned said...

It's amazing and the best tribute I could have asked for.