Saturday, November 14, 2009

Space Experiment

Widescreen only:

Created in Photoshop CS4 in 6 or 7 hours.

This was for an art challenge on LiveJournal, the criteria being "space". I wasn't going to be literal about it; I was going to do something about the emotional space between people. Then I thought it might be fun to make a star field to put in the background - I'd only made one previously and had always wanted to do another. When I got going on the star field, however, I kind of got carried away and so the final piece ended up being a literal outerspace thing. Its not fantastic, as far as digital spaceworks go but it was good practice. I really envy the people who can do photo-realistic space art - especially nebulas; I'd love to learn to make one!

So, all done in Photoshop, took about 6 or 7 hours.
Thank you to some of the nifty tutorials found at SolarVoyager, including the two Greg Martin tuts I'd used previously (the man is THE master at creating spacefields - check out his illustrations at his site).

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Mammoth said...

"Just what they want you to do, not a bad thing you know" "You do it so well my dear not an issue" You have this offered and you have the means to do what are just you and that is all of the Universe and is contain in 'just' you. Your powerful connection is slow to wake in 'art' due to the many distractions us artists have...each day...non stop...What is secret in you is secret to you and you art is there to show this to it commercial art or"When you pick up a paint brush or pencil you give your soul a time to share with yourself who you are...your 'commercial' distractions dominate your language while your (self) is, find your true studio...anywhere, as long as 'you' are there...mine was Dyea outside Skagway for many years, now the Arctic...Bill Sidmore