Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WPA-Style Denali Poster

Each summer the MSCVB puts out a series of 4 black and white ads, each covering a different aspect of the Mat-Su Borough (glacier hikes, fishing, canoeing/boating, RVing, etc). This year we changed it up a bit by making the ads look like WPA posters from the 1930's, featuring illustrations by me. :D

We've since carried the WPA flavor over to the 2008 Mat-Su Visitor Guide. The guide breaks the Mat-Su Borough into 5 regions and each region gets its own WPA-style postage stamp. The above image is actually for the "Off the Beaten Path" region, which is everything in the borough that is not road-accessible, but I thought the sky was a good place for text and so dressed it up as a Denali poster just for fun.

The background is closely based on an actual WPA poster for Montana or something - the mountains came pre-resembling Denali so I borrowed their design, though drew it from scratch and did my own color theme. The Cessna 180 is from a photo I took - the colors are totally changed (the original plane was white with brown).

I'll have to upload those ads and the other stamps sometime.


ritu said...

very very nice!
we have something called "hinglish" which is how look at the English language.
look forward to more of your blogs

Kara Stenberg said...

Thanks, ritu - I hope you enjoy my blog!

I'd love to see some "hinglish". I think language is wonderful, especially when used as art. I like "engrish" so much because I like how the Japanese design with fun and gusto. A lot of times, they don't care that they don't know what the words mean, just so long as it LOOKS good, and I know a lot of Westerners do the same thing with Asian characters, too. If it looks good, use it - and hey, if it makes someone smile, all the better. =D