Wednesday, January 24, 2007


9' x 2' ink-on-canvas, 2000?

from my LiveJournal, 18th-Jan-2004:
This is a 2 foot by 9 foot triptych I did as an experimental final project for Advanced Drawing in college at the end of 2000, I believe. In that class we had to choose an art style we'd like to experiment with and study, and I chose the neo-art neuveau look of Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise). This project wasn't done to mimick his style, but was an experiment in a more comic-looking linework using an experimental medium some classmates of mine in highschool stumbled upon. I actually did this in 16 and a half hours the night before it was due. It was fun but taxing - it's flipping HUGE. I had to paint all three canvases at the same time to ensure even color throughout .... anyway, it was quite the endeavor.

After hanging on a hall wall at the college for half a year, I finally lugged it home and then up to Alaska where it is living behind my mom's couch (we have no walls long enough for it). Being so large I only have these low-quality digital photos of the painting.

It's called "Eclipse". It had a lot of meaning when I did it, but I don't really remember most of it now. I do remember balancing it so it specifically goes from complex to simplistic, from left to right. I like the last panel the best and the first panel the least.

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